Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Ever Ideas for Burgers

First, apologies for not keeping up with the blog.  Back to school, sports, and after school activities have really taken up any free time we've had to work on the blog...imagine you can relate. 

Anyway, if your kids love burgers like ours, you'll love the creative ideas offered in this website by the Cheese & Burger Society. 

What: a great link to a website with 32 recipes for burgers.  Obviously sponsored by Wisconsin Cheese, it is a well done flash site with voice over by "Putty" (Patrick Warburton) from Sienfeld, for the kids in the audience, he is also the voice of  Kronk" on The Emperor's New Groove cartoon. 

Special thanks to my brother, Craig, for sending the link to me. 

Why It’s The Best:  there's nothing else like it on the internet.  "Putty's" voice over, the graphics, and the humor make it very entertaining...not to mention mouth watering.   Also a great site for cheese lovers...in particular, those who love Wisconsin cheese. 

How We Know: take a tour..see if you don't crave a burger afterwards.  No. 30 is a personal favorite.

Craving Level:  based on our children, at least weekly, bordering on daily.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention to make sure that you enter for a chance to win a new grill.  The contest ends September 30th at mid-night.  Sorry for the late notice...just finished a home work assignment.   Stay tuned for upcoming posts on The Best Ever Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies, Best Ever Foie Gras, Gnoochi, and Pear Tart. 

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Anonymous said...

I realize this isn't about burgers or food, but Putty is/was also in a sitcom called "Rules of Engagement"
that Mike and I loved to watch. Not sure if it's coming back on this season, but very funny.