Sunday, August 9, 2009

Best Onion Rings Ever!

We recently spent a long weekend in Bermuda and discovered this winner at the Hog Penny Pub...who's claim to fame is that it's the inspiration for the Cheers pub. Not sure I’m buying it, but I’ll tell you what I am buying….their onion rings, Best Ever!

What: Bermuda onions fried in a beer batter, served with chipotle dipping sauce.

Why It's the Best: Real sliced onions not minced, light, homemade batter (bet you'd find some Hog Penny Ale in it), not a pre-made ring dumped out of a bag into a fryer. You can actually taste the onion...without the grease. Also, we really liked the clever presentation of this dish, and think it contributes to greaseless flavor. Onion rings are stacked on the mast of a tiny sailboat. Chipotle dipping sauce is a nice compliment.

How We Know: It’s the Bermuda Onion…sweet and meaty.

Craving Level: WEEKLY, bordering on DAILY, had them 2 out of the 4 days in Bermuda.

Reviews: Trip Advisor, other reviews are listed on the Hog Penny website.

BTW - great deals on vacation packages to Bermuda during their 400th celebration. If you're looking for a weekend getaway for the fall this is it. A quick 2 hour direct flight from DC, Philly or NY.

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John S. (McLean) said...

Great blog, Scott and Jen. Always trust your food recommendations. My only comment on the site itself is to have more pictures of Jen, less of Scott.