Friday, August 7, 2009

Best Ever Mussels!

By Scott
This is the dish that inspired the blog. I was traveling this week on business and dined at Aurora Restaurant in Rye, NY. Although I've been there several times I never had this dish until this week. The restaurant is Tuscan themed and prides itself on its pasta dishes. But the real prize is the Mussel's simply the BEST EVER. I couldn't sleep that night thinking about this dish (yes, I know I have some issues...I like to think of it as passion).

What: Prince Edward Island Mussels, Red Curry, Fava Beans, Cream and Cilantro

Why It's the best: I've had better quality mussels, but I've never had a better broth. In fact, I skipped the last two mussels just to start dipping the bread. I wasn't sure how the spiceness of the Red Curry would work in the dish but it was a HOME RUN.

How I know: Work takes me to Brussels (The Mecca of Moules) often and this year I happened to be there during the offical season for wild Mussels (September - April, similar to Oyster months with an "R"). I will say that the mussels themselves were better (much better) but they were served in the traditional white wine sauce (butter, shallots, etc.). Very good, but for me eating mussels is ALL about the broth...advantage Aurora.

Craving Level - WEEKLY

Reviews: Zagats, NY Times

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