Sunday, August 15, 2010

DC Restaurant Week August 16-22

Tomorrow is the start of the annual DC Restaurant Week, your opportunity to dine at some of the area's best restaurants on the cheap.  A three course, fixed menu lunch for $20.10, and $35.10 for a three course, fixed menu dinner at participating restaurants.   Visit the website below to see which restaurants will participate in this event so you can make your reservations.

How to Make it the Best: Although $35.10 for a three course dinner sounds like a good deal, there is a better way to make it pay off.   The trick is the "fixed course" lunch or dinner.   What we learned over the years is that some of the restaurants participating aren't really offering you much of a discount.   They pick the courses you have to choose from, which limits your savings.   

To get the most out the promotion, pick restaurants that are premium priced, like steakhouses, and avoid lower priced restaurants like tapas.  Also, pick a night of the the week that's typically slow like a Monday or Tuesday.   Restaurants typically feature other promotions on those nights that you can also take advantage of, like half price bottles of wine.

Enjoy the week!

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