Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Ever Dinner Value in NYC

The family went to the "Big Apple" last weekend to see, and taste, the sights and sounds.   Somehow NYC has become the candy capital of the US, we came back with bags filled with M&M's (compliments of the new M&M store in Times Square), gummy's of all varieties (thanks to Dylan's Candy Bar on 59th and Lexington).   And oh, we did hit the new Pop Tart store as well, and pimp'd out some Pop Tarts.

In between our sugar sessions, we did manage to see some attractions, and eat at a few good restaurants.  One in particular is worth writing about.

Where:  Lower East Side, 83 1st Street @ Fifth Ave, New York, NY  10003.  We were in this part of town to see Stomp, which is playing nearby at the Orpheum theatre.  A great show, we highly recommend it, but go on a Friday and Sunday to get discounted tickets.  

Why It's the Best: Sometimes finding a good meal for the money can be just as exciting as a great dining experience.   In this case, we found great food and a great deal.   Dinner for four for just over $115 (not including tip), a good value in any town, but in Manhattan, this is a real winner.   

A few things made this such a find.  Let's start with the drinks, a martini was $9, a vodka tonic an amazing $6 and a good glass of chardonnay for $7.  Take advantage of the specials and the deals are even better.  Happy hour offers $4 wine, beer and rail drinks during 5-8pm, and 8-10 pm in the lounge.  The early bird special (5-6:30 pm) on Sun-Thursday nets you 20% off your meal.   Additionally, our server and the rest of the staff, was very friendly and attentive.

They have a wood-burning oven and offer a daily special calzone.  The menu also contained a couple of traditional Italian favorites (at least around our house) not commonly found in Italian restaurants, including Arancia (rice balls) and Penne alla Cuccuzzi (sauteed zucchini in olive oil). 

How We Know:  Martinis at our hotel (and most hotels/restaurants in NYC) ranged from $14-17.   Jen's family is Italian, and are very good cooks, making many authentic recipes not always found in local Italian restaurants -- the two I mentioned above.  We were both surprised to see them on the menu, and even more surprised at how delicious they tasted.   

Review and Directions: Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor

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Suzanne said...

I love that restaurant! Simply fabulous food, and your right probably one of the best deals in NYC!!