Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Ever Hamburger

Even though Ray's Hell Burger has been showing up on "Best of" lists for a number of years, it wasn't until President Obama's most recent trip that I decided it was worth a visit.  Sure, Biden and Obama have been regular patrons at the place, but if it was good enough to take a visiting head of state like the President of Russia, then I had to check it out.

What: 100% premium steak cuts, aged, hand trimmed, ground fresh daily, hand-formed, 10 oz's big and juicy.

Where: Ray's Hell Burger, Arlington, VA 

Why It's the Best: sure it has a Presidential endorsement, but it's also a great burger.  We've eaten at gourmet burger joints before, the thing I like about Ray's are the options for customizing your burger (see the menu).

I went with the B.I.G. POPPA, and it was tremendous.  The burger had a au poivre crust with blue cheese, cognac and sherry mushrooms and grilled onions.  The burgers are also perfectly formed, they say it's done by hand, but I'm skeptical.  

How We Know: the place constantly has a line out the door.  A line in which the President was willing to wait.   If you go, know that you will be on line for at least 10 minutes.   Go early, before noon, for the best chance to move quickly.  Oh, and bring cash, they don't take credit cards. 

Craving Level: Weekly

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