Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Ever Blue Berry Pancakes

We just returned from a combination birthday/Mother’s day getaway weekend in Middleburg, VA. The 265 acre Goodstone Inn is a fantastic, and close escape from the DC area. A couple of things to note about the Inn, and then we will get to the food.

First, the grounds are beautiful, and you can stay at one of the six properties on the estate. As we drove to the Spring House, where we stayed, we were captivated by the site of the tall grass, ripling in a wave like motion as the wind sweep across it.  It was a memory we'll never forget. The stone, three story Spring House had four bedrooms/suites, each with a full bath, a fully equipped kitchen, and a cozy living room with a fire place.

The most important point was how impressed we were in how they do the little things right. We stayed at the Inn at Perry Cabin last fall, although smaller and simplier, we felt that the overall experience at this place was absolutely on par with that Inn, and 20 minutes closer!

The second and, perhaps, most the important fact was that the food was great. Normally, when you stay at a small Inn or B&B your expectations are minimal. Typically, you're there for the peace and quiet, and potentially the location. This place is a foodies paradise! The full service restaurant is under the very capable direction of Chef William Walden, formerly of L' Auberge Chez Francios in Great Falls.

You can enjoy, and we mean enjoy, three meals a day without even leaving the property, but should you choose to leave the town of Middleburg, Va is only five minutes away.  And as a bonus, a couple of our favorites items on the menu where reminiscent of selections on the Chez Francois's menu...hello, Souffles. But, our favorite dish while at the Inn was without a doubt, the Blueberry Pancakes.

What: Blueberry Pancakes

Where: Goodstone Inn, Middleburg, VA

Why it's the Best: Chef Walden uses Tahitan vanilla, flour, sugar, baking soda and other ingredients. But it's not just the ingredients that make these's how he prepares them that makes them unique. He first lightly seers them in a cast iron skillet, creating a crispy sweet and slightly crunchy crust. He then finishes them in the oven, where the baking soda kicks in causing them to rise and given them a light and fluffy center.
The second thing he does that puts it over the top is cover them with his fresh homemade blueberry sauce (with a hint of cinnamon).  Also impressive and unique, was that he left his kitchen to visit and ask the guests how they enjoyed their meal. In fact, he left his business card so that we could email him our comments. Chef Walden keeps a profile on the guest that visit the a marketer, he had me at "send me an email."

How We Know: the Editor of QG Magazine stayed at the inn recently and they told us that he loved the pancakes so much they are going to be featured in the magazine. Look for them in the July or August edition.

Craving Level: Weekly, and most likely every Mother’s Day!

Reviews & Maps: Google, TripAdvisor , Open Table

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Your Blog has some fine information. There is nothing better than great blueberry pancakes to start off the day.