Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Ever Place to Eat Wild Game

Ok, this one might not be the most popular topic on the blog but there is a reason that we're posting it.  One of the challenges with trying to create the "foodies of the future" is getting kids to experiment.  It's so easy for them to get stuck in a routine, we've got one that would eat pancakes every morning if we let him.  

So how do you get them to experiment?  Well, in our family it's trying exotic dishes.  One thing the pancake eater will try is wild game...go figure.  His list of exotic dishes ranges from antelope to salmon roe. If fact, he keeps a running list in his head.  The best place to take the future foodies for experimenting...a little French-Russia restaurant in Great Falls, VA.

What: The Serbian Crown restaurant.

Why it's the Best:  the menu is like noting you've ever seen, here's a sample: 
  • Emu w/ Green Peppercorn Sauce  (I had this during our most recent visit - outstanding)
  • Antelope w/ Wild Mushrooms & Port Wine Sauce (the Pancake eater enjoyed this dish)
  • Boneless Rabbit 'Russian Style', Marinated in Sour Cream
  • Venison St. Hubert w/ Marsala Sauce
  • Marinated Wild Boar
  • Molard Duck, Braised in Sauerkraut
  • Roast Suckling Pig ( Winter Season )
  • Scaloppini of Lion w/ Wild Mushrooms ( Winter Season ) (no idea what this is...)
Also on the menu during our most recent visit...Kangaroo.  That one might be pushing it a little too far.  The menu also includes various types of caviars.  For the adults, perhaps the best reason to visit is the Volka/Piano bar...the quality of the music definitely improves the more you drink. 

How We Know:  The restaurant is dated (unless you're a fan of red velvet), and the crowd can be on the sparse, and on the grey side, but for something "out of the ordinary" this is the place.  Besides after "kissing" a few volkas you may not care where you are or what you're eating.    

Craving Level:  Once a year, usually duing winter. 

Direction and reviews:  Tripadvisor

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