Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best Ever "Pizza Night" Pizza

Although we love good food, and cook most nights, there’s always one night reserved for pizza...usually Friday. "Pizza and movie night" with the kids. 

The challenge has become finding one we all enjoy. Sure, we could make it, but the point of “pizza night” is not to be in the kitchen. We’ve tried all the usual suspects for home delivery and haven’t been impressed. We also have one or two take out places that are good…but they are also a good distance from the house.

Finally, we think we’ve found a solution…and it’s worth sharing.

What: Fresh made, hand tossed, brick oven pizza.

Where: Harris Teeter grocery store in Tysons Corner, VA. Yes, Harris Teeter.  This may only be available in Tysons so please check your local store. 

Why it’s the Best: They make the dough, the toppings are fresh and vast, and the brick oven does make a difference. Place your order when you come in the store (or phone it in), and by the time you’ve picked up a few items it’s ready to go. It’s the best value we’ve found for the money.

How We Know: At $9.99 ($7.99 on Mondays) for a large brick oven pizza, what’s not to like?  HT also sells pizza slices and pizza to go. As for the drive, there’s a good chance you needed to go to the grocery store anyway...if not, find a reason...like picking up something for tomorrow night's dinner!

Craving Level: weekly, usually Friday nights.

Directions:  Tysons Corner, VA

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